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Celebrate "WE'RE ONE"

And in more ways than one. As we re-launch, we are also celebrating our MyAirForceLife Mobile App being one year old. Your one favorite app on your phone; your one favorite click of the mouse.

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Department of Defense Launch a New Satisfaction Survey

Does your base fitness center need new equipment? Do you want more recreational traveling opportunities? Do you think there aren’t enough recreational opportunities for single service members, or do you think there are too many? It might be your turn to provide feedback in the Morale Welfare and Recreation survey.  Look for email survey invitation link in your mail box and fill it out today.

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Get Golf Ready

Learn how to putt…drive…swing…laugh…high-five & have fun on the golf course.  With group lessons both on and off the course we can get you ready to swing and having a blast in no time.  Isn’t it time you got ready for golf?

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When you think of your library, you probably think of books. At your Air Force Library, we have books and so much more!


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"In other branches of the military you follow; in the Air Force you lead."
- Eliot M.,


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