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2015 Air Force Club Scholarship Program

Air Force Clubs knows it takes more than ambition, good grades and great numbers on the Scholastic Assessment Test to get into college these days. That's why AF Clubs is awarding $25,000 in college scholarship funding in 2015. For more information or to apply for a scholarship, click here!


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When you think of your library, you probably think of books. At your Air Force Library, we have books and so much more!

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Got Art?

Showcase your “Mona Lisa.” The Air Force Arts and Crafts Gallery recognizes work submitted by Air Force artists, craftsmen, and photographers across the world. Visit Air Force Gallery


Read 2015 Sports Calendar

2015 Sports Calendar

Athletes selected for specialized training participate in trial camps or departmental-level Air Force Championship events. Trial camps are short in duration, but physically demanding, mentally challenging and highly competitive. These camps can lead to final Air Force teams that advance to national, international or Armed Forces competitions. Check the new 2015 calendar.





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