460 FSS Strategic Branding

Transformative FSS Brand Activation Campaign Soared in 2023; achieving 171% Surge in Community Reach and a 76% rating in Positive Perception on our squadron climate survey and $12K in sponsorship funding.
Milmark Award Winner

Installation: 460th FSS, Buckley SFB
Category: FSS Brand Activation Marketing
Year: 2023

Campaign Summary

The 460th Force Support Squadron’s Brand Activation Marketing initiative successfully redefined our community presence. Through a compelling branding guideline design, strategic mission/vision communication, and a tailored sponsorship kit, we achieved increased in our community engagement and overall positive image.

Relevance to Category (FSS Brand Activation)

Our Brand Activation campaign aligns seamlessly with the FSS Brand Activation category, focusing on telling the “FSS Story.” By crafting a comprehensive brand guidelines design, a Strategic Mission/Vision Board highlighting the values and initiatives of our new commend team, and a branded Sponsorship Media Kit, our initiative strategically showcases how the 460th Force Support Squadron contributes positively to the community.

Campaign Overview/Objectives

Our campaign aimed to tackle the challenge of limited awareness and understanding of the 460th Force Support Squadron within the community, particularly among individuals within the military community. The objectives were clear: boost community engagement, cultivate a positive perception of military life, and enhance recruitment prospects. Measurable goals included a 25% increase in community engagement and a 30% rise in squadron satisfaction on climate survey. Increase attendance at our annual events and recruitment of staff.

460th FSS Marketing Team

Dalton Nestor, Marketing Director

Janet Boucher Escajeda, Visual Information Specialist

Brent Lichenheld, Visual Information Specialist

Nicole Kochlany, Commercial Sponsorship Coordinator

Insights & Strategy

Recognizing that relatability was pivotal, we hinged our strategy on showcasing the personal stories of our service members. The key insight was that humanizing the military experience through emotionally resonant narratives would foster a deeper connection. This approach was applied across various channels, including social media, community events, and local partnerships.

Concept/Big Idea

The epiphany our team had was understanding that the strength of our installation is built upon the unique experiences of our personnel, humanizing military life by unveiling the stories of our service members. Through this, we aimed to make military life more relatable and appealing to a broader audience.

Tactics/Creative Execution

We executed the campaign through a multi-channel approach, leveraging social media platforms, community events, and local partnerships. Captivating storytelling and visually compelling content brought our vision to life. Key performance indicators included social media engagement metrics, event attendance figures, and sentiment analysis.


Our work surpassed expectations, achieving a 171% surge in community engagement and a remarkable 76% rating in positive perception captured on our squadron climate survey. While specific figures are not disclosed, these results were substantiated by percentages, and event participation demonstrating the tangible impact of our campaign on community sentiment. Event participation seeing an average of 2K participants at our annual events, yielded $800K back to programs for Airmen and Guardians. Commercial Sponsorship accrued with our new branding exceeded $12K. Advertising recruitment needs yielded a 7% increase in filled positions from 2022 to 2023.

Brand Building

To build the FSS brand, we concentrated on visual and narrative cohesion. The design of our brand guidelines created a consistent visual identity, ensuring a unified and recognizable presence. Simultaneously, strategic communication through the Strategic Mission/Vision Board accelerated our brand’s growth, clarifying our mission and values for 281 personnel. The Sponsorship Media Kit facilitated collaboration with commercial sponsors, amplifying our brand’s reach beyond military circles. This holistic approach not only built our brand but also accelerated its growth by fostering meaningful connections with our 14K+ community.