Revolutionizing Military Child Care: The Kinderspot App

In a groundbreaking move to address the complex needs of military families, the United States Air Force is set to revolutionize child care with the rollout of the Kinderspot app. Developed by Air Force Maj. Jacque Vasta, Kinderspot offers a solution to the challenges faced by military parents in accessing affordable and flexible child care options.  Scheduled […]

2023 Air Force Photo Contest Winners

The Department of the Air Force is proud to announce to winners of the 2023 Air Force Photo Contest. This year’s theme “101 Days of Summer” invited photographers to capture the essence of Summer through their lenses and showcase their creativity, talent, and love for the vibrant season.

Road to 2024 Paris Olympics

Being a part of the Olympics is always a thrilling journey filled with determination, passion, and perseverance. For many athletes, it represents the pinnacle of their sporting careers, and they dedicate years of hard work and sacrifice to qualify and compete on the world stage. Among the impressive group of Olympic hopefuls are 11 Airmen […]

Plan Your Next Vacation

Summer is a magical time of year, filled with warm sunshine, refreshing breezes, and the promise of unforgettable family adventures. Planning the perfect summer vacation with your loved ones might seem like a daunting task, but fear not! Many on-base Information Tickets and Travel (ITT) offices have full-service travel agents eager to help you set […]

FSS Gift Cards

Give the gift of fun – the right size for any occasion! It is easy to purchase an FSS gift card for family and friends for special occasions , the holidays, or for everyday use while on base. FSS gift cards are the perfect gift for authorized patrons. Visit your base MWR activity today to […]