2023 Air Force Photo Contest

Summer – a season of boundless possibilities, vibrant colors, and cherished moments. It’s a time when the world comes alive, and the United States Air Force is inviting all its talented photographers to seize the opportunity to capture the magic of summer through their lenses. The 2023 Air Force Photo Contest, themed “101 Days of Summer,” is here to celebrate the beauty and diversity of this remarkable season. With a deadline of November 15, this contest offers ample time to document the fleeting moments, breathtaking landscapes, and vibrant experiences that define summer for each participant.

Exporing the Theme

101 Days of Summer” is a theme designed to inspire creativity and exploration. Participants can delve into a broad spectrum of subjects to express their unique perspectives. Whether you’re an aviation enthusiast, a landscape lover, a portrait photographer, or a composite image creator, this contest welcomes your interpretation of summer’s essence.


Participants may submit up to two entries in each of the two categories:

  1. Traditional Photography– refers to the practice of capturing images by exposing light-sensitive film or digital sensor directly to the scene being photographed. It involves composing a single image in-camera, without post-processing or manipulation. Traditional photography aims to depict a scene or subject as faithfully as possible, relying on natural lighting and minimal alterations.
  2. Composite Photography – involves combining multiple images or elements to create a final composite image. It allows photographers to merge various elements, such as different photographs, backgrounds, textures, or objects, to produce a new and often more elaborate composition. With image editing software, photographers can blend, layer, and manipulate the different elements to create a cohesive and imaginative final image that may not exist in reality.

How to Enter

Participants may enter up to two images. Photographs may be entered in only one category. Entries will be accepted through 15 November 2023 via https://forcesupport.awardsplatform.com/ Photographs must be submitted as high-quality JBP/JPEG or PNG files, and must be 300 dpi when saved at approximately 8.5″ x 11″ (3600 px minimum required). Files may not exceed 9MB in size.