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Club Member Portal

What you need to know:

  • The Chase credit card is no longer a requirement for Air Force Clubs membership.
  • Club members now choose their desired payment method.
  • Membership is now managed through an online portal.
  • Your dues remain the same, while benefits increase with new connectivity.

Transitioning to the Club Member Portal is Easy

More about the Club Member Portal

  • We’ve partnered with MemberPlanet to design an online membership portal
  • The portal is where you manage your membership and preferences, and find out about club happenings and events
  • We transitioned away from the Air Force Club credit card requirement giving you the freedom of choice
  • You now decide how you’re going to pay your dues, you choose the credit card to pay your dues, or have the dues taken directly from your bank account
  • You can choose to receive emails and text messages about daily specials directly from your club
  • You’ll receive automatic updates monthly, as long as your account stays current
  • Billing to your preferred method of payment will occur on the 15th of the month 

Why the change?
Air Force Clubs are changing with the times. The requirement to receive a credit card has long been viewed as an obstacle to club membership.  To remove this barrier, we have partnered with Member Planet, a membership management service, to transition to the Club Member Portal. 

The club member portal now offers members the freedom to choose their preferred payment method (credit card, debit card, e-check, etc.) and easy access to club information, marketing, and FSS events via a mobile application.  The AF Club partnership with the Chase credit card expires on 1 Oct 17.

AF Clubs are a tool in a commander’s tool box that can help revitalize our squadrons, increase camaraderie and build on our heritage.  The club contributes to unit cohesiveness and provides a gathering place for all types of groups and individuals with mutual interests to connect both directly and indirectly. 

Programs and activities at clubs are the golden thread which ties together the Comprehensive Airmen Fitness domains (Social, Physical, Mental, and Spiritual), and strengthens the resiliency of Airmen and their families to face the challenges of military life.  The entire leadership team is engaged with this transition and understands the value that our clubs bring to our AF mission, to our Airmen and families, and their readiness and success. 


You have questions about these changes, we have answers.  See the FAQ page for more information.

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